Wednesday 15 June 2016

#84 'White Rose' 6x6"

Oil Painting white rose open flower head yellow centre

I had one of those days today. I went to get a rose for this painting and was so excited and focused on getting one I forgot to pay the car park. I didn't remember until I saw a parking fine on my window, very upsetting! So upset I then got lost on the journey home! 
Anyway, I am pleased with this rose painting, it feels a bit of a break through in my flowers. I painted it in a different order and way, from the inside out - see pic below.

I used a new palette today, called 'Posh Palette' from New Wave in America it's super smooth and wonderful to mix my colours on. I'm used to a perspex with white paper underneath, so it will take some adjusting to a mid tone grey but it is lovely to use.


  1. What rotten luck - a parking fine :-(
    However, the resulting rose painting is gorgeous.

  2. I'm finding yellows hard so I can only imagine how challenging white must be! Lovely subtle tonal shifts really give a delicate feel to this. Its amazing how distracted our brains can get, isn't it.