Friday 3 June 2016

#81 'Reflected Cherries' 6x6"

An oil painting of 3 cherries reflected in glass

Loved painting these cherries! So luscious and shiny, I ate some while I was painting too.
I haven't tried using tin foil to reflect a subject before, it's an idea from an excellent daily painter called Carol Marine it works well and adds a challenge and interest while painting it hopefully to the viewer as well.
I didn't use any white in the main of the cherries, which keeps the paint more translucent and shiny looking - like the cherries. The highlight is thick paint and nearly white makes it more shiny too.
Opening our doors tomorrow for the Open Studio, quite nervous for it, painting this helped calm me and good to get back to the painting again.


  1. I believe this painting has already been sold before it is even off the easel!

  2. Ooh Clare! So painterly and accomplished, just stunning. Your work seems to be developing and growing so much. Lovely.

    1. Thank you Caroline, really pleased with this painting - going in the right direction :-)