Tuesday 28 June 2016

#87 'Staithes, The Beck' 8x8"

I had an amazing 3 day Plein Air workshop up in Staithes, North Yorkshire. A wonderful teacher, Haidee-Jo Summers and I loved being immersed in painting to eat drink and sleep it :-) Also lovely to talk to other artists and exchange tips.

I produced 6 painting over the weekend, I will post them daily on here. This was my first.
It's an estuary off the harbour, soft greys and those rich red roofs. The boats have a certain shape and colours (very paintable.)  I can't believe what an inspiring place to paint it is, definitely going back there!

I tried a new technique in all the paintings. Putting a slightly thinner mix in of the darkest and mid tones which were muted down. This gives a harmony to the whole and helps with tonal connection. Also it blocks in most of the board in 30 mins or so. Then add the lighter tones and more intense saturated colours. I am really pleased with the outcome. Although it felt tough doing a different method and out of my comfort.

Here is a pic of what I saw and my palette...


  1. Love it. This is a good example of subtle colours and simplification, just what I would like to be able to do. I look forward to seeing the other pictures you painted.

  2. What a brilliant painting, expecially as you used a totally new technique to do it. So pleased you enjoyed your weekend away and to produce 6 paintings is a great return! The boat 'pops' off the page. Love it.

  3. Love seeing the painting on your easel - look how accurate your boat is! You seem to be growing and developing in leaps and bounds. Well done!

  4. I'm with Pat, can't wait to see the other paintings. Congratulations on posting #100 too.

  5. Thank you Pat, Jenifer, Samantha & Caroline for your comments. Some lovely words I appreciate :-) Clare