Monday 20 June 2016

#86 'Sunflowers' 6x6"

Love the vibrancy and sunshine feel to these. They could be in the sunbaked Mediterranean but sadly not! 
I was unsure about the centre area before I painted as it seamed so dark and boring but looking closely when I was painting it there are so many vairations and interest.
Yellow is tricky especially when you want to keep the bright freshness. It's hard to make it dark enough and still work. But I'm happy with the outcome :-)

The Surrey Open Studios is now finished. Really enjoyed it and so pleased with how many paintings I sold, 20 at the last count! Thank you to everyone who came and supported us.


  1. The deep Mediterranean blue sky showcases these sunflowers admirably.
    You have painted them so well. Seeing a sunflower, the non-artist just sees yellow petals and a black, round centre. How wrong we are!

  2. Sunny and vibrant. Congratulations on your sales! Wow.

  3. Lovely sunshiney painting with lots of different tones in the petals and in the different greens and browns. This would also make a stunning ceramic tile