Monday 6 June 2016

#82 'A Bowl of Cherries' 6x6"

oil painting of 3 cherries in a turquoise bowl, with scatterd cherries around it

I enjoyed the previous cherry painting so I thought I'd have another go. I haven't done this in the past as I was scared to try and repeat something that was successful but decided to go for it and I'm pleased with the result. Lush colours and shiny cherries!
I chose a range of cherry colours and tones for composition. The little bowl has appeared in 3 paintings now, it's a useful size and favourite colour! The past two were - 'Citrus' & 'Turqoiuse Pots'.
My light box where I usually place my still life set up is dismantled for the Open Studio, therefore it was harder to paint as I had about 5 different light sources, I kept turning off and on my lamp to see its light to paint.
Using my primed boards is a much more slippery surface than I'm used to and although it gives a nice result I'm not used to the slipperiness. For example adding a dark tone over an area I have to lay the brush at a really low angle to the board and load it or else it just takes the paint off underneath. 

The Open Studios went really well at the weekend we had a good number of visitors and I sold 7 paintings, really pleased :-)  I had some great feedback and I enjoyed talking art with people. We are open for another two weekends, looking forward to see what that brings. I will include some pics next post.


  1. Another vibrant study of cherries. Wonderful lustre and colour tone. Excellent composition.

  2. Excellent painting. Love the vibrant colour against the blue bowl. Well done!

  3. That's fantastic, congratulations on all your sales, very well deserved, lucky buyers! Love the light and dark in the bowl.

  4. Fascinating to compare your two cherry pictures and observe the different treatment. This one is a warm hug and the tinfoil one is cool man. The way you have painted the shadows on this one and the vibrant juicy colours against the turquoise is lovely. I should comment underneath the tinfoil picture which is stunnning, love the painterly reflections. Would really like to have a go at that.

  5. Thank you all for your great comments, cherries are a lovely subject to paint :-)