Tuesday 19 July 2016

#97 'River Wey, Farncombe Boat House' 8x8"

Some paintings flow and are easy others don't, this was a stop start struggle and pain! I am still unsure about it, but thought I'd share it anyway. 
You can tell the bits I enjoyed which were the boats. I wondered around for a while trying to find a composition I liked. I was drawn to the light hitting the boats and the contrast under the bridge. This has turned out a bit blocky but it was a good exercise to do and it's an interesting place lots of boats stored waiting to be hired or sold and also a lock on the canal, I'll have to go back and have another go.
I have used my husbands laptop to write today's blog, so I haven't edited the photo. My computer is being fixed at the moment, I miss it! Good practice using this laptop as we are going away in the summer and I will be painting :-)


  1. I quite like the quirky quality of this painting. It is not your standard prettiness scene and whatever the 'pain' you experienced the result is very good.

  2. I too am bereft as my computer is in for repair so am using my kindle fire. Interesting composition I too like the boat and reflections. I also like the play of light on the scene which you have captured.

    1. It's funny how lost you feel without a computer, thankfully mine it back and working beautifully. I hope yours is too?

  3. Thank you Ebbybow and Pat, its good to have other peoples opinion on my work, sometimes I am not that happy with a painting and then people see it through their eyes and you show me it's ok really! It's so helpful showing my work 'to the world' (Lol) and getting feedback on it, thank you :-)