Thursday 28 March 2019

#452 'Sunset Walk, Chelsea Embankment'

Beautiful light and pastels colours! I wasn’t going to include the left side of the embankment thinking it was to contrasted but I think it helps the composition and really shows off the light colours. Plus the romantic stroll aspect has a good feel.

#451 'Admiralty Arch' 10x12"

It’s funny how you can love a painting you’ve done one moment & hate it the next. I started this last year en plein air & abandoned it in disgust when I got home. Saw it again recently & thought that’s worth working on! & now I’m happy with the result. Such an up & down painting life!! 

The main things I changed was adding people especially the foreground biker as there was a big area of pink tarmac! - I toned down the pink it was too bright. Plus adding more light through the arch to draw your eye into it and putting the bus in, got to be done London and red :-)

Wednesday 13 March 2019

#450 CHANGING BLOG LOCATION & 'Snowdrops x 2'

I have decided to move my blog to my website to encourage visitors onto it, help search engines find me and to look more professional. I think the new blog looks better than this google blogspot version - I hope you agree! All 450+ posts and comments are on there and you can still sign up to have my posts delivered to your email. 
My website is: the blog is on there. Let me know what you think.
If you go onto the www.clarebowen.blogspot address in the future it will be redirected to my website blog. 

I painted these flowers a couple of weeks ago and have been waiting for my new blog to be live....

'Snowdrops', I have been itching to paint these little beauties for a couple of weeks watching them grow and panicking that they will start to wilt before I get to them! Thankfully they are tucked under a tree so last longer than the norm. 
I scoured the internet for milk jugs - the perfect size for snowdrops and loved this little one not 'Cornishware' but looks like it.

'Just picked Snowdrops' 8x8"
I painted this one first when the heads were still quite closed. Beautiful and delicate.