About my Painting

Do you sell your paintings? 
Yes, Please email me if you like a painting and I can tell you if its available and how much. Also check out my website to see them all grouped together like seascapes.
If you are outside of the UK I am on the 'Daily Paintworks' site and sell there too.

What is your art studio like?
Purpose built, it sits at the end of our long garden with views over a field and opposite my husbands man-shed. It measures: 5m x 3m with wooden floors and an open style barn roof, it feels spacious.
I have a work area one end with all my paints, palette, easel and still life set up. With a large book case full of art books and panels waiting to be painted on.
Surrey Open Studio 2015 (with Matte)
How did you learn to paint?
In the early 90’s I studied fine art and illustration at Portsmouth School of Art. In 2000 after returning from an eight month trip to Asia I was inspired and decided I wanted to paint for a living so I set up a studio at my Mum and Dad’s house in Hayling Island (Hampshire) where I taught myself oil and watercolour painting. 

What is your Colour palette?
The main colours I use are:
Ultramarine Blue, Cerulean Blue, Kings Blue Deep
Cadmium Red,  Permanent Rose,
Cadmium Yellow Light & deep, Yellow Ochre,
Burnt Sienna, Titanium White, Zinc White, & Warm White

What brand of paint do you use?
I like different brands for different colours Michael Harding, Winsor & Newton, Jacksons Artists Quality.

Do you use a purpose made painting palette? If so, what make?
In my studio I use a large piece of perspex type material laid over natural wood. It’s excellent to mix paint on because its shiny, hard and doesn't move, also easy to clean!

What equipment do you use plein air - outside to paint
I use an Open Box M easel/palette from America.

Manfrotto Tripod 
Brush roll (to carry the brushes)
Rosemary and co brushes
Brush cleaner/ paint thinner containing Sansodor
Kitchen roll
Selection of panels
Panel holder or Matchstick carrier to transport wet paintings 

What painting surface do you use?
Ready-made brought ones:
Bella art canvas panels

I make them 2mm Hardboard - Smooth Both Sides. And put 3-4 layers of good quality acrylic primer. On the last layer I sand down and either mix with the white paint some Raw Umber or I wait till the primer is dry and paint a colour ground on top.

Do you mix your colours before you paint?
For still life I often mix the main colours usually 3 or 4 and from those I would mix nuances of colours and tones while I’m painting.
My Palette with several tubes of oil paint

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