Saturday 27 February 2016

#40 'Emsworth Harbour' 4x9.5"

I stood on the mud flats as close to the water as I dared. I checked the tide times and  knew I had a good 2 hour window before the water would be lapping at my ankles. 
It was bitterly cold again but I was dressed for it with ski trousers and thermals, hand and feet warmers tucked into my shoes and fingerless gloves. 
This board I had been saving for an occasion, it was one I'd made out of ply and muslin, a perfect panoramic shape for capturing the sweep of the tidal water.
I painted the little boats in first, see the pic below and then the mud flats, there wasn't much sunlight so hardly any shadows, when a peep of sun came I put in the water. 
I enjoyed the experience and although bitterly cold and exhausting it feels worthwhile!


  1. Very nice seascape - hats off for working outside in the winter and coming up with such a charming painting.

  2. I was fascinated to see how you made sense out of a vast tract of landscape and produced a cohesive and interesting composition. Great to see you using a pochard. I can learn a lot about painting outdoors by watching how you tackle it.

  3. Winter seascapes have an appeal of their own which, if I may say, you have captured beautifully.