Wednesday 28 September 2016

'Gladioli' 20x30"

I fancied getting my teeth stuck into a large (nearly life size, A1) charcoal drawing. We had these flowers which were on their way out but still great shapes. 
I used a fat charcoal stick for most of it which was like a paint brush I wanted it to be bold but delicate. To really observe every area and as I was doing it reminding myself 'dont assume what it looks like but to really look!' I used the negative shapes between the flowers to help. I also used a rubber drawing with the charcoal first and then sculpting the shapes with the rubber and then redrawing over the ghost shape again. The tone was interesting too with very deep pink flowers darker than the greenery and a fine balance in getting the flowers dark but not too heavy looking.
It took all day to do it, quite satifying watching it emerge, and doing something large scale.
Drawing is so helpful for painting skills. 

Sunday 25 September 2016

#127 'Leaving the Harbour 2' 7x9.5"

This is the same subject as yesterday but I experimented with different combinations - a warmer blue, Ultramarine base. Paint thickness, putting it on in thick strokes, no medium to thin it. Letting some of the dark tone underapitnign show. 
This was the underpainting using the Gamblin Gel medium for quick drying purposes.
I enjoyed putting the light sparkle on the sea, when it was such a dark base it really showed up. Paying attention in getting the tones right of the sky, sea and sparlkle combo. The sparkle being the lightest in tone.
Having completed this one I put it next to the first and then adjusted the first in tone, making it a little stronger and punchy.
Fun painting these two. Will have to find something else now...

Saturday 24 September 2016

#126 'Leaving the Harbour' 7x9.5"

This weekend I was planning on going to 'Brush with the Broads' its a plein air painting festival on the Norfolk Broads. I had to cancel as my dog is very poorly again with an eye ulcer and has gone blind ( I really hope it’s temporary) with administering eye drops every hour I can't get out to paint so I am making the most of studio work instead.

I found a photo I took as an aid memoir to go back and do a plein air, the sailing boat is coming out of Hayling Island Sailing club going out into the Solent. I like the light and tonal harmony. I haven't used photos up to now but decided it would work as a simple subject which I can experiment. In contrast with being outside and painting, its more just getting it down in a short time. In the studio I can think more and play. 

I started in a similar fashion dark and thin paint but adding a glaze medium I’d not used before called Gamblin Gel it’s supposed to dry the paint more quickly but keep the translucency and thickness. It did give it a nice sheen and flowed well across the board. Doing a first layer it's easier for it to be a bit drier when applying the second layer and the glaze helped.
The second layer I made thicker than I'd usually go and showing more of the brush strokes. I made the mistake of doing the sea too dark in tone to start with and I did several layers on top, it didn't work so I scrubbed it off and did this layer quickly and confidently I wanted to keep the same feel as outdoor painting being not too laboured. 
I started another painting of the same subject, doing it differently I will tackle it tomorrow.

Thursday 22 September 2016

#125 'Sunrise, Frensham Pond' 8x10"

An early start, the sunrise came up opposite this view and only just tinged the scene in colours. The pond was very quiet apart from the coots and more hens and occasional dog walker. It such a great way to start the day, next to the water and totally focused on the painting and subject. 
I love the reddy pink trunks of the pines and the little cafe nestled in the trees. 

Sunday 18 September 2016

#124 'Wagoners Wells' 8x10"

This National Trust beauty spot in Hampshire, is just down the road from us. I had the idea to paint here as I did a sketch of it in March:
I adapted the view as I love the big trees in foreground.
I had limited time to paint it which worked well as I didn't fuss with the foliage! I made areas of muted greens for the back greenery and then painted the brighter greens on top with more leaf shapes. This helped to not put all the details in but still suggest its trees and branches.
I enjoyed painting this - the photo doesn't do the colours justice!

Wednesday 14 September 2016

#123 'Sunrise, Bosham' 9.5x12"

I had planned the night before that I wanted to be in Bosham for sunrise I left at 5am but arrived and it was still dark, I held off setting up as I couldn't see the view! 
I put my easel right next to the water as it was the best view. I thought the tide was at its highest.  
As the sun rose it lit the clouds and they gave a magnficent show. You have to be so focussed and fast to capture such fleeting colours. I mapped out the building and treetop line and went for it. Beautiful pastel colours, really enjoyed painting it.
I knew I didn't want to put massive detail in the buildings so I tried painting them in a sweep blocking the colours together and then defining the shapes later with lighter tones and brighter colours, it seamed to have worked.
Being so focused I didn't notice the sea water was lapping around my shoes! To my horror all my painting gear was bobbing in the water!! I grabbed my brush holder and all my brushes fell into the water and were floating, thankfully I could grab them all but a little stressful when it was such a previously calm scene! 

Thursday 8 September 2016

#122 'Red Door, Haslemere' 8x8"

I have been saving this painting to post, as I did it during a painting day with Haslemere art society a few weeks ago. I've only just joined them, a friendly bunch, and I am in their annual exhibition starting Saturday at Haselmere Museum.

I made the mistake of liking this subject but initially painting too big an area of it. The first attempt had the whole door and some of the street, it didn't work, and I scrapped it and started again. This time really honing what it was I liked about the subject, and making a stronger composition. Pleased with this version now!

Tuesday 6 September 2016

First Round ROI!

As I said in the previous blog I entered some paintings into the Royal Institute of Oil Painters at the Mall Galleries London. I have managed to get the above 2 through the first round, sooooo pleased and feel like I'm on the right track with my work.

All things crossed that I get through the next round as then I will 'hung' in there yearly exhibition! I have to wait till 1st October when I'll take them to London for the next round!

Sunday 4 September 2016

#121 'Race Day, Frensham Pond' 7x9.5"

I've had a few days break form painting. But still really busy lesson planning for start of teaching next week, we are doing some landscape painting which will be fun to teach. Also framing work ready for 3 exhibitions coming up. One locally with Haslemere Art Society and the other 2 submitting work into London exhibitions to hopefully get selected. I'm trying the Royal Institute of Oil Painters and the Discerning Eye Exhibition at the Mall Galleries. I will let you know how it goes, all things crossed! I have heard from one of them and will post results tomorrow!

I fancied painting the boats of Frensham Pond I looked up when they had they were racing this morning. I set up near the slipway and met some really friendly sailors. 
They only went around the yellow buoys 3 or 4 times, I had to be quick in getting the yachts in. I painted the dark green foliage first so the sails would show up.
I really enjoyed the challenge of capturing a moving subject. Great place too, I may join the club so I can paint there more often, they kindly let me today as a guest.