Wednesday 28 September 2016

'Gladioli' 20x30"

I fancied getting my teeth stuck into a large (nearly life size, A1) charcoal drawing. We had these flowers which were on their way out but still great shapes. 
I used a fat charcoal stick for most of it which was like a paint brush I wanted it to be bold but delicate. To really observe every area and as I was doing it reminding myself 'dont assume what it looks like but to really look!' I used the negative shapes between the flowers to help. I also used a rubber drawing with the charcoal first and then sculpting the shapes with the rubber and then redrawing over the ghost shape again. The tone was interesting too with very deep pink flowers darker than the greenery and a fine balance in getting the flowers dark but not too heavy looking.
It took all day to do it, quite satifying watching it emerge, and doing something large scale.
Drawing is so helpful for painting skills. 


  1. As always so interesting reading about your process Clare. Hope Matte is feeling better and his health moves in a good direction.

  2. Inspiring, I too have some gladioli and I now want to have a go myself. Interesting to read the processes you went through to produce such a stunning picture. I am so glad Matte is feeling a bit better.