Sunday 25 September 2016

#127 'Leaving the Harbour 2' 7x9.5"

This is the same subject as yesterday but I experimented with different combinations - a warmer blue, Ultramarine base. Paint thickness, putting it on in thick strokes, no medium to thin it. Letting some of the dark tone underapitnign show. 
This was the underpainting using the Gamblin Gel medium for quick drying purposes.
I enjoyed putting the light sparkle on the sea, when it was such a dark base it really showed up. Paying attention in getting the tones right of the sky, sea and sparlkle combo. The sparkle being the lightest in tone.
Having completed this one I put it next to the first and then adjusted the first in tone, making it a little stronger and punchy.
Fun painting these two. Will have to find something else now...


  1. Out of the two I like this one best, lots of lovely thick paint, it really conveys the way the boat is carving its way through the water.

    The sparkle on the waves really works - delicious!

  2. Both lovely, but this one has has the edge for me too.