Thursday 22 September 2016

#125 'Sunrise, Frensham Pond' 8x10"

An early start, the sunrise came up opposite this view and only just tinged the scene in colours. The pond was very quiet apart from the coots and more hens and occasional dog walker. It such a great way to start the day, next to the water and totally focused on the painting and subject. 
I love the reddy pink trunks of the pines and the little cafe nestled in the trees. 


  1. Love reading about the whole experience. Tranquility. Gorgeous light and simple unfussy treatment- stunning.

  2. Plus:
    1. You must've got up so early!
    2. I know how fast the light changes at dawn.
    Well done!!

  3. This really is the last comment from me for 2 weeks!
    It seems to me that you have painted the line of tress in the same manner as the line of buildings in "Bosham (#123)"? Strong dense colour will some of the 'night' left in. Intriguing.

  4. Your paintings are getting more complex, offering more to the eye. I'm not sure what it is though?! I know I want to and are looking at your paintings for longer and seeing so much more. The reflection is awesome, almost hypnotic.