Wednesday 27 February 2019

#449 'View from Battersea Bridge' 30x40cm

I have painted this bridge many times - easy to get hooked onto such a great subject! Plus it helps to really get familiar with something painting it over and over like Monet did. Recent paintings: Morning, midday, golden hour, twilight, and this one at 2pm. Also changing the view point.

Glowy light and intense afternoon colours! I stood at the top of the steps going down onto the embankment. It was a horrid spot as I was on a cross roads with the traffic right next to me. But worth it as I liked the shapes of the lights against the water. 

Painted with the sun on my back and therefore the painting was in full sunlight. Back home in the studio the painting was quite a few degrees darker than I wanted it because I was mislead with the sunlight on it. Tip: paint in the shade as sunlight is misleading! And the shade is more like the environment you will see it in a home.
I had to do a whole layer over the top of the one I painted outside to lighten it.

Tuesday 26 February 2019

#448 'Twilight, Albert Bridge' 30x40cm

Started en plein air. When the sun goes down the colours intensify!
I might come back to this one and lighten the bridge a little more. A contrasted painting with very lights and very dark darks, so I had to lighten the darks and darken the lights so they weren't so far apart!
Plein air started at 6pm

Friday 22 February 2019

#447 'Golden Hour, Albert Bridge' 30x40cm

No wind, beautiful light and cloudless sky. Such a great combo, with the silhouetted shape of the old Victorian Bridge (built in 1873.)

I maped out all the dark structural areas first, not much detail just main shapes and then the lighter sky. Tricky when it changed so quickly but finished in the studio. I wanted it to feel like that strong light shinning just before it goes down and mellows.

In mid painting flow when a photographer quite far away with a zoom lens was aiming at me. I called after him once he'd taken it but it was way too loud with the traffic on the Chelsea Embankment next me, he disappeared but kindly looked me up - from my website on my Open Box M pochade. 
Thank you Wojciech Jarowslaw Pawlowski for the lovely sunlit photo.

Monday 18 February 2019

#446 'Midday Light, Albert Bridge' 30x40cm

The end of last week was so sunny and warm, feels like spring is coming (already!) But I wouldn't say no to another snow day to paint :-)

Painted on a very textured canvas - one I was given as a prize from the Royal Talens Company. I hope it adds to the impressionist feel.

The white struts of the bridge were lighter than the sky and the sky was lighter than the water. The tones are so important to key to each other.

Saturday 16 February 2019

#445 'First Light Venice' 40x50cm

One for my exhibition, an idea taken from a small 8x10 plein air did in Venice September last year. I loved the building on the right with the light shining on it. I took a risk with the wooden poles, quite dominant structures but it gives depth and a sense of place.

I painted from a cafe area on the side of the water. I had to be fast as the waiter said you have 30 mins before I set up. Enough to get an impression!

Thursday 14 February 2019

#444 'Trees in Snow' 30x40cm

Started outside on the last day of the snow we had finished in a warm studio! Painted one before this (see previous post) but liked the tall tree and sky so did a bigger painting in a portrait format.

Monday 11 February 2019

#443 'Silver Birch in Snow' 30x30cm

This is the first one I did as the sun was going down on Bramshott Common. Different colours to the previous bluer snow paintings. Mainly yellow and oranges, limited palette. 
I painted another straight after (will post tomorrow) in a portrait format to get the trees in....

Sunday 10 February 2019

#442 'Snow Shadows' 30x40cm

The second painting done straight after the first. You can see how much the sun has moved to the right and rose. Warmer blues and lots of colours in the snow! But also a limited colour palette - warm and cool.
In this one I wanted more of the shadows as I didn't get to emphasis them in the first painting. So I used a bigger board, portrait format and a high horizon line. 
I'm pleased with the result :-)

Putting in the bit that will change the quickest first- the shadows 

Friday 8 February 2019

#441 'Snow & Glow' 24x30cm

I arrived early to set up and start mixing colours. So I was ready to paint the shadows when the sun just came up over the trees. Cool blues compliment well with the orangey sky. Such an inspiring subject. I stayed on and did another I will post it tomorrow! 

A tip I picked up .....use an old big sock and ware it like a glove. Make a small hole in top to insert your paint brush. So you are able to freely hold it without restriction - no bulky glove to get it in the way! Also slip a disposable hand warmer in which I did that day keeps you toastie!

Thursday 7 February 2019

#440 'Gorse in Snow, The Punch Bowl' 24x30cm

I liked the cool blue light contrasted with the warmer light of the left. Plus the arial perspective of the fading distant hills. Not easy to paint! With quite subtle tonal difference having to really observe and not think you know whats there but looking. 
Behind me was a sledging slope, I could hear arguments, snow ball fights but also kids giggling with delight flying down (towards me!) made me smile.
The day after the big snow, trees and gorse bushes laden

Wednesday 6 February 2019

#439 'Walk in the Snow' 24x30cm

A few days ago we had a big snowfall overnight and it was so exciting to wake up to snow laden trees and sunshine :-)
I went to an area walkable to us it was so quiet and we made the first snow tracks of the day, it was beautiful.
To be able to to paint that was such a treat. By the end of the painting the sunshine was warming the branches and my subject was disappearing!

My husband who was out taking photo took this one of me.
I was wearing two of everything spot the double coat!

Tuesday 5 February 2019

#438 'Chilly Brook' 24x30cm

I drove for over an hour trying to find a subject, not easy seeing over the hedge rows and being able to park safely when there's snow on the roads. Really pleased to find this winding stream in the Meon Valley. I adapted the composition a little by making the distant hill snow instead of all woodland, also adding a bit more snow than there was! Mainly monochromatic with a hint of warmth in the bush.

I am feeling happy (and quite tired) after the great snow we had here. Its now melted, having been here for 5 days I made the most of it with 14 paintings started en plein air! but 1/3 not finished - I will post some over the next few days/weeks.

Monday 4 February 2019

#437 'Dawn, Devils Punch Bowl' 12x12"

Painted en plein air just before the sun came up, I've done this subject before in 2017, very paintable!

Saturday 2 February 2019

#436 'Snow Pastels' 30x30cm

Just after sunrise when there's still a bit of colour in the sky but no direct light on the scene. It was a few days ago -8 with wind chill, bitter but worth it :-) 
Reminds me of Farrow and Ball colours! Lots of mixed greys - warm and cool. More snow paintings to come!