Thursday 31 January 2019

#435 'Sunrise, The Grand Canal' 50x50cm

A studio painting developed from a plein air piece. I painted this subject over 15 times, so I know it well and felt comfortable painting it bigger. One for my solo show in May in London!

Plein air study

Sketch book drawing on location (later in the day with more traffic on the water)

Monday 28 January 2019

#434 'Old Fishing Boat' 24x30cm

I liked the colour combination of this, very Mediterranean looking.  I used my location sketch to help with the composition. Painted with long flat brushes gives a quality to it. The rusty old winch gives an extra element and helps composition. Tried to keep it fresh and bold.

Sketch studying 4 tones

Sunday 27 January 2019

#433 'Red Sky & Fishing Hut' 24x30cm

This scene was the next bay along from where we were staying. Such a bonus to find a characterful fishing hut and great old boats. 
I sketched it out in the day time but went back the next morning at sunrise to take photos. So I combined the two as I really loved the sky and how everything had a warm reddy tinge.
Sketched on location in sunny Gran Canaria

Thursday 24 January 2019

#432 'Sunrise, Gran Canaria' x 2

24x30cm Sunrise, Gran Canaria
My husband Nick and I had a week in the sun over the Christmas holidays, a proper break without my paints or his camera. (First one since our honeymoon 4 years ago!)
I did however bring my sketch book, and we were blessed with stunning sunrises from our balcony, I drew it twice, to try and 'learn' the subject ready to paint it back in the studio.
The above painting was my second one which included all the palms. Wonderfull silhouettes and hot colours - different from the UK sunrises especially this time of the year!
Making sure the colours are bight and light but the sun one stage lighter in tone to stand out.
3 tone sketch, studying the silhouetted shapes

First painting 18x24cm, small to practise the colours and shapes

Sketching from the balcony :-)

Friday 18 January 2019

My First Solo Exhibition!!...Save the Date

New flyer
Just 4 months until my first solo exhibition in London. The time has come around quickly and I am started to feel excited and also think there is so much to do - reminds of planning a wedding!

I've finished designing these 'save the date' flyers and sent them to be printed. I hope you can 'save it' and possibly make the show- it would be great to see you :-)

I will also be getting some PV invites printed nearer the time, if you would like one email me

Took 22 paintings to be framed this week, not easy choosing so many frames at the same time, we have very good framers 'The Artistic Framing Co.' in Waterlooville Hampshire, with 40 years experienced helped! Plus my Mum has a good eye.

I hope to have 50-70 paintings in the show, I need to do more of Landscape and London, thankfully still time to do it!

Monday 14 January 2019

#431 'Low Winter Sun over The River Hamble' 10x12"

I actually started this painting before the previous post no.430. Having chased the sun and finally found a location and subject, I drew out this composition and mixed some pools of colour. But by then the low sun had changed into sunset colours and more clouds had formed I wanted to capture them on a wider board so abandoned this one. 

I finished the painting in the studio trying to keep the fresh feeling of plein air even though it was from memory and a photo. One way of doing that is deciding on the time of how long you want to paint for - say 90 mins and try and complete the painting in this time.  It means less time to fuss and fiddle and helps to make you decisive and confident with making your marks.

Friday 11 January 2019

#430 'Sunset Over The River Hamble' & Perseverance

Thank you so much to those who have emailed me and commented re my previous post. It's really good to have feedback as it has been hard to gauge what you think of my blog! 
It seems like the consensus is to carry on with the format I have been doing - paintings and a bit of writing but to also include some informative posts along side the usual painting posts. I am happy to keep going with it :-)

River Hamble
I had made a solid plan for where I would paint - Seascape of Bosham, I'd checked and rechecked the weather forecast, sun and cloud - perfect. Not too much wind and tide was the right level. Picked the boards/canvases that I thought would suit that subject. Left at 1.30pm ready to do two paintings a later afternoon and a sunset.
Work in progress, beautiful sunset!
It was heavy cloud all the way down to the coast. Left which is the Bosham area a thick blanket no sun, right had sun on the horizon, I made the quick decision of turning right, I drove into Portsmouth but decided there wasn't enough sun, so I came back out and went towards Southampton. I knew there was a river a long there having walked some of it with my Mum 10+ years ago.
A friendly security guard at a Marina said walk that way for some good views. I wasn't decked out to be walking and had to dump some of my boards (getting rid of weight) in the car. I walked on a path next to the river it wasn't a great view and I didn't know if it would get any better but decided to persevere as I'd come this far. I went about a mile when the river bent into the direction of the low sun, the clouds had broken up into a wonderful formation and there was the view! So relieved and happy to find something inspiring to paint. 
Although the time was ticking on, I'd mapped out a composition and quickly mixed some paint colour ready, but by then the scene had change too much so I started another this time just painting the sky, after it had changed again I painted the sea and foreground. I finished it in the studio.

Perseverance pays!
When I first drove down to the coast looking at the sky, grey and more grey with a tiny amount of light. But to carry on with the uncertainty of finding a decent subject and to end up painting a new place was definitely worth the angst! It doesn't always end in a positive! Plein air is such a challenge in so many ways and this was just one of them!

Tuesday 8 January 2019

#429 'The Edge of Winter', & Changing my Blog?

'The Edge of Winter' 40x50cm Oil on canvas

I have been thinking about my blog and have want to change the format of my posts. 

At the moment I post every painting I do and have done that for 3 years. What I propose now is posting less often possibly once every two weeks. I will write about art topics, from equipment choices, painting techniques, exhibition reviews, art books I'm into, and more...

(You can also suggest any)

Each of these posts will have a painting I've completed during the two weeks.

I hope this will work, and I can keep it up for year, time will tell! 

Please comment on this post or by email to tell me if you like this idea or want to keep my previous way of posting?

It is hard for me to gauge how many people actually read my blog so any feedback gratefully received!