Thursday 24 January 2019

#432 'Sunrise, Gran Canaria' x 2

24x30cm Sunrise, Gran Canaria
My husband Nick and I had a week in the sun over the Christmas holidays, a proper break without my paints or his camera. (First one since our honeymoon 4 years ago!)
I did however bring my sketch book, and we were blessed with stunning sunrises from our balcony, I drew it twice, to try and 'learn' the subject ready to paint it back in the studio.
The above painting was my second one which included all the palms. Wonderfull silhouettes and hot colours - different from the UK sunrises especially this time of the year!
Making sure the colours are bight and light but the sun one stage lighter in tone to stand out.
3 tone sketch, studying the silhouetted shapes

First painting 18x24cm, small to practise the colours and shapes

Sketching from the balcony :-)

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