Monday 29 April 2019

#457 '6am Langstone Harbour' 24x30cm

Some paintings just paint themselves, and this was one of them! Gorgeous colours and light, making the most of the recent good weather. I set up usually an hour before the sun is due to rise as it gives me time to mix colours and do a small quick study of light, helps to get my eye in and satisfying too.
Here's the 5am one:

I used a tinted board which I haven't used so much recently - tinting with a mix of Burnt Sienna & Ultramarine with Gesso acrylic white you can see the colour peeping through. 

Painting plein air you can choose when you commit to a time - this was just as the sun was peeping up, it looked good about 109 mins later too and I wish I could have done another! It's when a photo is handy I can use the info form this one and the photo and do another in the studio.

I have painted Langstone many times now, it's different every time and each time makes a difference as I learn more of the subject and memories of previous paints fuel the new one.

Saturday 20 April 2019

#456 'Dawn, Tower Bridge'

Painted on the same day as the previous Tower Bridge I posted, just a little later in the morning about 7am. I finished it in the studio as it was a bitter morning -1 degree! Seems a distant memory now with the lovely sunshine we are having. 

The cloud was actually behind me in the sky but I felt the composition needed something more so I turned around and painted it in :-)

This is where I got up to en plein air. 30x40cm

Thursday 18 April 2019

#455 'Evening Light, Hammersmith Bridge'

I have been working hard on all the elements required to put on an exhibition in London. Only 4 weeks to go now and I'm counting down... 
If you are interested in my paintings and want to see a taster of the show I have uploaded some of the paintings on my website under - solo show catalogue have a look :-)

I managed to get a plein air paint in, wonderful relaxed feel, almost like Europe, The Blue Anchor Pub spilling out onto the Embankment and people enjoying a drink and the evening sun. I got moved off my great perch when the club rowers were launching their boats, huge 8 man vessels, interesting to watch them all.

Wednesday 3 April 2019

#454 'Lights on Tower Bridge' 6x12"

Up crazily early 3.45am to get to London to capture the the illuminations before they were turned off! And the deep ‘blue hour’. Its surprising how quickly it changed from this to daylight see pic below - about 20 mins! I do enjoy the race against time and putting the impression of the place without too much details more shapes and colours.

Tuesday 2 April 2019

#453 'Frost Meadow, The River Wey' 10x12"

A really chilly start it was -1 and frosty grass with a contrasting beautiful glowing sunrise. A new painting find for our local area, I like the open meadows, windy river and the sheep were a bonus. Will go back in Spring...