Sunday 28 February 2016

#41 'Vinaigrette Bottle' 4x6"

With each painting I do I try and challenge myself, whether it is with composition, colour, being I decided to do my first pattern on my subject. There was a pattern on the bottle but I took it sa a starting point. I painted the pattern first (so there was no going back with putting it in!) See pic below. I did the basic leaf shapes and then at the end painted lines over the leaves to bring them to life. 
It reminds me of Raol Dufy, an artist I studied at art school, he put illustrative lines over colour.
I also was brave with the background colour, using a strong, dark blue-violet, which makes the bottle pop out! I'm happy with how this turned out.

Saturday 27 February 2016

#40 'Emsworth Harbour' 4x9.5"

I stood on the mud flats as close to the water as I dared. I checked the tide times and  knew I had a good 2 hour window before the water would be lapping at my ankles. 
It was bitterly cold again but I was dressed for it with ski trousers and thermals, hand and feet warmers tucked into my shoes and fingerless gloves. 
This board I had been saving for an occasion, it was one I'd made out of ply and muslin, a perfect panoramic shape for capturing the sweep of the tidal water.
I painted the little boats in first, see the pic below and then the mud flats, there wasn't much sunlight so hardly any shadows, when a peep of sun came I put in the water. 
I enjoyed the experience and although bitterly cold and exhausting it feels worthwhile!

Friday 26 February 2016

#39 'Three Little Jugs' 6x6"

I found these jugs in a charity shop yesterday. A great find as they were all small and complemented each other in their blues and creams, I like the varied shapes as well. 
I kept the colour palette limited to give it harmony. I also painted a ground colour using mainly Burnt Sienna, you can see it showing through the brush strokes, the ground colour gives a unity to the whole. I'm sure I'll paint these little jugs again!

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Monday 22 February 2016

#38 'Old Copper Teapot' 8x8"

A tough subject, I usually don't have trouble mixing a colour, in this painting I mixed lots of options as there are many colours that make up this old teapot.
The oxidation on the base of the pot gave me the the colour idea for the background. 
The shape of the shadow is interesting and I moved my light to make sure it fitted within the composition.
This is one of the most complex still life daily painting I've done so far and I'm happy with the result :-)

Sunday 21 February 2016

#37 'Orange Studies' 4x4"

I started the top one on a natural coloured board but decided I would do two studies at the same time to experiment with background colours, composition and to compare with a white ground and a coloured ground (see pic below)
I was aiming for the orange to be luminous and fresh looking. I did this by using very little white in the orange mixture and keep the brush strokes to a minimum. The two coloured backgrounds (white/blue & green) give a different feel to each painting.
I haven't cut up and painted fruit or veggies before so it's a good start.

Saturday 20 February 2016

#36 'Little Jug' 4x4"

I have had the 'lurgy' the past few days, bad cold and cough with no painting. So it's good to get back to it today.
I like the shape of this little jug, reminds of something in the Dutch masters time - Vermeer, 'Girl with the Pearl Earring'.
I tried a different board today, no white primer, instead a clear primer to show the original colour of the canvas wrapped around the board. It was a joy to paint especially with the light colours it really showed up. This was one of those paintings that evolved it's self, with a little help from me!
You can see the raw canvas board showing part way through the painting.

Tuesday 16 February 2016

#35 'Comice Pear' 6x6"

One for my students, we will work on planes (surfaces) of a subject and harmonious colours. 

It was surprising how yellow the pear was, you think a pear is green so to truly see it I cut out a little hole in a piece of paper and looked at the pear, this isolates the colours, so you are not distracted with other colours around it. It helps to see what's really there not what you think is there!
I like contrasting bright colours, I originally wanted to put the pear with a blue background, but changed my mind once the pear was done I felt it need harmonious russet colours.
I also enjoyed the slightly different composition, having the corner and sides, it gives a sense of space.

Monday 15 February 2016

#34 'Lisianthus' 5x7"

These flowers were in my bouquet I had on for Valentines day :-)
I like the wispy delicate buds and rich deep flower heads. I had a go at drawing it before thinking it would work as a coloured drawing. But the colours were so wishy washy compared to oils I had to then have a go at painting it! 
I kept it very simple with the detail of the flowers but emphasising the purple colours and using a light touch with the creamy buds.
Painting beginnings ....

Sunday 14 February 2016

#33 'Happy Valentines Day' 6x6"

I brought this rose for my husband for Valentines Day. It's the first time I have painted a rose, it's not easy but I enjoyed it. Its called a Naomi rose, with soft velvety petals.

I painted it being totally unsure as to how it would turn out, I used lots of rich reds layered wet into wet paint. I'm pleased with my first attempt and look forward to doing more. Possibly soon as I had a pretty bouquet from hubby today :-)

Friday 12 February 2016

#32 'Large Mint Teapot' 7.5x9.5"

I elevated this teapot to see the squat rounded shape. It was fun to paint, broad painterly brush strokes and the gorgeous mint colour. 
I changed the board 3 times before I was happy with the preliminary drawing. It needed to fit the parameter well. It's on a canvas with a 'ground colour' already applied and dried - see pic below. I will use some more ground colours especially with light subject colours as they really show up well and it brings a unity to the whole as small parts of the ground colour show through.
I went for a strong dark tone of purple for the background, I wanted the lovely shape of the teapot to stand out.
Beginning stages of the painting...

Thursday 11 February 2016

#31 'Pine Tree, Devils Punch Bowl' 6x8"

A glorious weather day! It was wonderful to be out and painting in the Punch Bowl (Surrey.) Rather chilly though and as I'm not used to working outside yet it takes me ages to do even a small painting 6x8". I was there two and half hours and by the end I couldn't control my brush with the shivering! 
New things were tricky like the sunlight shining on my board and distorting the palette colours so I stood in my shadow. I had my back to a path which was very busy with dog walkers and people enjoying the sun. I found it a little distracting especially as they could see my painting form the path, I wanted to say 'don't judge it yet, it's not finished!' 
Doing this today it makes me realise how much I still have to learn with painting en plein air (outside) but it gives me impetuous to do more!

Tuesday 9 February 2016

#30 'Strawberry Cupcake' 6x6"

I brought this tasty looking cupcake from a local cafe in Haslemere called Mirabelle. 
I've never painted something like this before, and it was a challenge! Getting the detail without loosing the freshness and making the colours work together as a whole. 
I am pleased with the outcome and a bonus I get to eat the cupcake now with a nice cup of tea!
I just wanted to show you my new easel 'small board holder'. It's perfect! My husband has been busy and made this for me. It prevents shadow overhang as you can see the top of the easel and I can get to all of the board without the easel getting in the way.  

The VIDEO of how I painted #29 Bramley Apple

This is the video I shot yesterday while I was painting the Bramley Apple. It's just under 4 minutes long and shows me doing the painting from start to finish. (A speeded up version)

I've never done this before, one of my students encouraged me to try. I hope it gives a glimpse into how the painting developed. Let me know what you think of it!

I will be doing more painting videos. (With the help of my husbands editing skills :-)

Monday 8 February 2016

#29 'Bramley Apple' 6x6"

This cooking apple is another one my students will tackle. We will focus on the Edges, Shadow and Background. 
I propped the apple up high so I could see the shape of it - lovely and fat. I wanted to convey the weight and size, especially compared to the 'Little Braeburn' I did a while ago.

I have decided to film some of my paintings, the progression of how I put the paint onto board and see the painting grow - it will be a speeded up sequence. I set up the camera today to have a go, it felt a little daunting with it over my shoulder watching every move! About 30 mins through my battery ran out! So I charged and came back to it. I will put the edited video on here once it's done. My husband is kindly helping me with it.

My palette of earthy colours.

Sunday 7 February 2016

#28 'Orange on Blues' 6x6"

This painting is for the oil painting course I run, it's their next lesson after half term - Orange and Blue Complementary Colours. My students will do a similar painting and some colour mixing see chart below.
I did an orange back on Daily Paint no. 2 I had a look at it when I'd finished this painting to compare, this one is much richer and more vibrant, and generally more confident :-)

Friday 5 February 2016

#27 'Two Boats, Emsworth' 6x8"

I met a friend in Emsworth, Hampshire today so I took the opportunity to paint this morning. Shame about the weather! Windy and drizzle. 
I tried standing with my pochard but my head was above the sea wall and got the brunt of weather so I tucked myself down and perched on a stone.  I should have checked the tide times as the sea went out quicker than I was painting it! I quickly put the sea in around the boat while it was still there. The flat light was difficult to pick out the tones. 
As the drizzle got harder my palette became soaking and the paint was congealing in the water! My board also got wet and was resisting my brush strokes. Not Easy!! But there were moments I really enjoyed like the two swans that flew straight over my head honking, and just being by the sea was great :-) Definitely go back there as there is lots of painting fodder.

Wednesday 3 February 2016

#26 'Bramshott Chase' 5x7"

This is my first landscape outside for a very long time! Painting 'en plein air' is not something I'm practised at and it's my mission to change this! 
I was desperate to do a landscape after lots of still life's. My usual method would have been to use an sketch I'd made outside and then (in the comfort of the studio) paint a large long winded painting. 
Today was so different. It was biting cold the wind was whipping into me, I had so many layers on I could barely move my arms to paint! I felt like I left my skills and sense in the studio so hard to think when the elements are battering you. The light changed quickly as I started painting so I put in the intense roof and shadows and remembered how the sky was (as it soon was grey.) I did think half way through why have I chosen a complex subject to begin with! I had made a small drawing last summer of this scene, it's just up the road from my studio, so I was a familiar with it. (see below)
After nearly an hour I had to go home, frozen but pleased. Grateful my efforts didn't result in a disaster!  I plan to do a lot more outside painting, hopefully not all tough conditions like today.

This is my little 'Pochard' (easel with palette), which I've not used before. I used a limited range of colours: Ultramarine, Cadmium Yellow Lite, Cad Red, & Cobalt blue (the 'Primaries.)

Monday 1 February 2016

Daily Painting #25 'Little Red Teapot' 6x6"

Broad brush strokes on a little pot! I enjoyed painting this, I mixed a few tones of red before I started and then went for it, making every brush stroke count. The red, white and blue combo really zing.
I found this teapot on eBay, I will have to control myself with buying more colours!