Monday 22 February 2016

#38 'Old Copper Teapot' 8x8"

A tough subject, I usually don't have trouble mixing a colour, in this painting I mixed lots of options as there are many colours that make up this old teapot.
The oxidation on the base of the pot gave me the the colour idea for the background. 
The shape of the shadow is interesting and I moved my light to make sure it fitted within the composition.
This is one of the most complex still life daily painting I've done so far and I'm happy with the result :-)


  1. A super painting. The colours depict so well the old, uncared-for and rather dirty pot. The two colour background and the foreground complement the subject admirably.

  2. A pleasing colour combination that conveys an air of "old".

  3. Love it!! I can only imagine how tricky that was. Well worth the effort though.

  4. Excellent! The detail and colours are superb. The background also makes it stand out well. It really does look old, must have been very hard to depict that, but you have nailed it!