Tuesday 1 August 2017

#212 'The Trundle, West Sussex 15x40cm

Beautiful morning today, with a warm light and fluffy clouds.  I planned what I wanted to paint before I got there, as this is the third painting of this view recently. I felt I hadn't really got to grips with this swoop of this hill but I'm pleased with this one. 

Using a panoramic board I could really accentuate the space and distance. I mixed a variety of greens before I started. A new colour I'm using is Naples yellow, it isn't very strong but great for nudging a colour to warm and lightening the tonal value as well. 
The grass area at the top was quite light in tone and I like the lines going around the hilside they help guide the into the painting.       I enojyed painting this!


  1. I think its difficulty is a challenge that's why you keep coming back to the same scene. It is a good painting :-)

  2. Great wide sweep, love the feeling of fresh summer air to it. Your enjoyment comes through. I use Naples Yellow Light for the same reason - Rod Major uses it a lot in his landscapes, and it gives that warm light which is hard/impossible to capture with just white.

    1. Thank you Caroline, Rod Major does have great light in his paintings, I'm using Naples Yellow & Naples Yellow light as I cant decied which I prefer! Clare