Thursday 7 September 2017

#225 'Albert Bridge, London' 18x24cm

I was up in London with The Wapping Group yesterday as their guest, a very enjoyable day. It's somewhere I wouldn't have usually painted but a great subject, at one point there was 5 of us lined up painting this bridge. (The Wapping Group are an acclaimed group of 25 artists who are known for painting the Thames.)

I was quite nervous before painting but settled myself down with the colour mixing, making sure I had a good colour range and tones, which allowed me to get stuck in! 
There was a lot of complex shapes on the bridge but I simplified them and stopped myself putting too much information in! 

Lucky with the weather no rain but chilly wind and some sun at the end was a bonus.
I'm pleased with the result, using thicker paint and harmonious colours.

Photographed in the sunshine you can see the brush strokes.

On a practical note.... Carrying gear can be a tricky part of the painting day. I had been trying different ways and brought a little luggage trolley a cheapie at £10 to see if it worked. It was rubbish! Any bump, curve or corner and the bag dropped off and scraped along the pavement. I ended up dragging and lifting it to my place of painting! The bungi cord wasnt  enough to hold the heavy bag & tripod in place and with a wet painting inside I can't sqaush it too much.
Another painter had a rucksack on wheels, anyone used one of these or any other help with carrying gear please?


  1. A whimsical painting of one of the most attractive bridges across the Thames.
    Of the composition - you have placed the emphasis where it should be. The dark, greenish river and trees in the background, wonderfully toned, give a perfect foil to the bridge.

  2. Re your failure with the luggage trolley. I think maybe you should check out secondhand golf trolleys?

  3. Impressive impasto and lovely use of subtle colour. You have simplified what must have been a really complex scene and achieved a harmonious composition, a very attractive painting.