Wednesday 4 October 2017

#235 'Tower Bridge, The Thames' 8x10"

This was the final painting I did on Monday. Started it about 10am there was cloud & sun, a lot less dramatic than #234. But still inspiring and interesting to paint. 

We were further away from the bridge so it's smaller in the composition. Putting the boats in the foreground and HMS Belfast on the right side helps with composition.

Aerial perspective, to give a sense of space I simplified the colours and made them tonally lighter as they receded. Keeping the strong contrast of colour and tone in the foreground.

The scene looked different when I was finishing the painting (see pic below), the sun properly came out and I made the mistake of putting the blue iron works on the bridge in a blue colour, because that's what I could see! 
Back home I could see it was too blue for the rest of the painting, so I dulled it to fit! 
I was painting with Caroline Greene & Rod Major. Caroline I met on a painting workshop and kindly reads my blog. Rod I met through posting on instgram!

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  1. This painting reminds me of the old black and white photographs taken during the 1939-45 war. The river and sky are wonderfully expressive and just enough detail of boats and shoreline.