Monday 19 November 2018

#417 'Autumn Colours, Waggoners Wells,' & Reflections Tips

An area close to me with 3 pools of water. It's quite a challenge as there a lot of trees and a little bit late for Autumn but still wonderful rusts and lemon yellow on the Silver Birch.
I wanted water to reflect the colours which is why I went there.

Tips for painting reflections: 

  • Turn the board/canvas 90 degrees so you can mirror the shapes of the subject into the water as sometimes doing upside down is a challenge! 
  • Vertical brush strokes first and then some horizontal cutting across for water movement.
  • Stronger colours and shapes closer to the subject. Softer tones, colours and shapes as it moves away - see my painting bottom line is quite 'wooly' compare dot the reflection close to the trees.
  • Observe whats there don't paint what you think it looks like but what is there!

The underpainting in Burnt Sienna & a little Ultramarine

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  1. A great study of a close-to scene. Autumnal colours beautifully painted.