Friday 5 August 2016

#105 'Beach Huts, Hayling Island 2' 9x12"

These huts look simple but are deceptively tricky to paint, it was a struggle painting with lots of wiping off and angst! It’s the biggest board I’ve worked on to date. I wanted a long thin one, but my order for them hasn’t arrived yet. I like the line of huts but that meant a lot of sky it was hazy and not much to it, which is so much harder if you have to invent things instead of looking at nature. 
I wanted to the sea behind the huts which is 'contra jour' - looking into the sun and therefore most of the huts are in shadow. 
It's about a 40min drive to Hayling Huts from my house and yesterday the weather was so different down there, blowing a hooley, so much so I had to hold onto my pochade or else it would blow over! Even with my weighted bag hanging from it. See pics below.
While I was painting I noticed a guy photographing me, he came over and asked if I didn’t mind and he said it looked a good shot! So I asked for copies of them the 2 below are his - Trevor Carpenter, thank you!

Considering how much of a struggle and thinking nearly up until the end that this feels like flogging a dead horse! It's actually turned out ok. It shows you shouldn’t give up on a painting as it may come through in the end :-)


  1. This is a painting that you need to look at closely otherwise you miss the context. The sea between the huts, an unusual colour - a very pale green. The boats and figures, although quite small, give it perspective, movement and life and therefore not a 'still-life' of huts!

  2. Really liked your blog. They should make a film: "Carry On Painting", against the odds and with humour. Great picture and I can appreciate the difficulty of those huts, they would look even more superb on a long thin board but this picture captures the light and ambiance beautifully.