Saturday 20 August 2016

#113 'Vik Church, Iceland' 7x9.5"

I was standing a little way up a mountain to be eye level with this church. I thought it had an alpine feel and is actually very typical of Icelandic churches.
I simplified the scene and focused on the bits I liked - the contrast between the white building and the dark rocks. I used thicker paint then previous seascapes to emphasis the lush greens. The plain below the hill was so wide and expansive to the sea I had to reduce it a little for the composition and the board!
The distant cliff and land I made sure looked far away with very pale muted colours, not much darker in tone than the sky, to give a sense of space.
The sounds around me travelled and high up on the mountain were Oyster Catchers swooping and calling, they sounded like they were just above my head.


  1. Your words evoke the scene just as your painting has captured its essence. It is quite a most unusual sight for us to see a church in such a setting. Love all the elements especially the green covered rocks (your greens are exemplary) and sky but the composition has it all!

  2. Agree with Ebby that the composition has it all. The painting has a lovely airy feel of space and distance around the church surrounded by beautifully mixed greens.

  3. The green in this one surprised me, first I've seen from the Iceland series. Very vibrant. The Church is where your eye goes, even though it is small in relation to the painting. Very calming....

  4. I love this one! It illustrates the sweetness of summer here.

  5. Thank you ebbybow, Pat, Samantha & Roshni for your great comments, it was suprisingly green and lush and you could see for miles...