Thursday 9 November 2017

#257 'View from Battersea' 5x10"

I was up in London yesterday with friend and artist Sarah Manolescue. We were hoping for winter sun but it was grey and cold! 
I had one of those days which didn't work well for painting. Why?  
I started 2 paintings which I have scraped off and this was the 3rd. The other two the composition wasn't working plus I had bitten off more than I could chew. 
Caroline Greene asked a question a couple of posts ago about whether I have awarenes and intention behind every stroke and mark I make. It's an interesting one to think about when you paint. Do you do the painting a bit like driving a car being on auto pilot - suddenly and the painting is finished and you don't remember the process! I try to have awareness as much as I can while doing it, but being tried makes a difference as you don't have the ump! and to make all the decisions required. I was tired yesterday.
This little oil sketch is ok, and I'm happy to have something for all my efforts! We were pleased to see the sun just before it set. But by then our fingers and toes were so frozen & numb we couldn't do it anymore, time to go home....

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  1. Your London paintings have been when the sky is overcast so you have tended to use a limited palette of tones of grey and degrees of black which I rather like with just a glimmer of yellow sky.