Monday 19 March 2018

#314 'Low Tide Crossing, Bosham' 8x14" & When to Scrap a Painting!

My husband Nick and I went down to Emsworth - Hampshire/West Sussex coast line to paint and photo for a long weekend. This was my first painting from it.

It was a struggle painting and I nearly ditched it 3/4 of the way through. I didn't think it was working and therefore I felt despondent and upset and so couldn't see the wood for the trees! I hate being beaten so I took it back to our place and Nick said it's good! Looking with fresh eyes I realised it was not a disaster!! and actually came out well in the end. 

Lesson: Don't scrap a painting immediately wait as long as you can. If I'm unsure I have them up on my shelf in my studio and after a while and if I still cant bear it I will put them in place where all the others are! I have quite a stack, wether finished or not. At a later date I go through and can see if I can learn from them and how I'd do them differently now, and I can also see the progress I have made with a current comparable painting.

I don't tent to paint over them as I don't like the surface it creates, some artists reuse their boards which can be an economical thing to do.

A thing I learnt from another artist is keep starting paintings it's the way you really learn and improve. The finishing come with time & practise but it's the starting that's the real foundation to your work. So sometimes that's what I say to myself just start this, and usually I can't help but continue!
Heres a pic of how I started this one:
The sky was beautiful so I put it in first and it also helps with the colour fo the mud and water.


  1. So glad you finished it - I really, really like this! Great sky, Bosham makes a lovely shape in the distance with the mud flats leading up to it. Great comments in your blog - I will keep on starting!

    1. Thank you Pat! So pleased you like it after the uncertainty of it. Plus I'm glad the blog writings are useful! Clare

  2. This is indeed a great painting, one of my favourite’s of your recent efforts.