Sunday 10 June 2018

#342 'Daisies' 9x10"

Painted yesterday during our Open Studios. A busy day with 21 people coming to visit, I've sold 12 paintings to date - got plenty more!! But exciting to have sales and lovely feed back!

This year there are many wild daisies, great blankets of them, they look lovely and I wanted to try and paint them. I experimented with the background colour, I thought it looked like sky and goes well with the white and yellow, also a darker tone than the white petals.

Order I painted this: Green stems, background blue, yellow centres - green and orange variations, mid tone white of the petals blocked shapes, glass, shadows on table. Thats it mainly blocked in and I went back and added light and darks on the petals, and cutting in a little with the blue background to define the petal shapes.

I like the bold shapes and intense colours, I will have to try another one! Our studios (my husband and I) again today, I wonder what the day will bring.... :-)


  1. I love the blue and yellow combo, always reminiscent for me of the tiles in Portugal I had chosen for some steps. I like the thick application of paint, a happy 😃 smiley painting.

    1. Thank you ebbybow, I love Portugese tiles, so I'm pleased you compare my painting to them!

  2. Really lovely summery feel to this painting, gorgeous.