Saturday 15 June 2019

#461 Daisies & Peonies

Daisies in Blue Jug 8x8"

I have rather neglected the blog recently having returned from London and my solo exhibition to distributing sold paintings and sorting out framing for people plus getting ready and taking part in the Open Studios its all go!

So here is a combined post of two recent flower paintings.

The Peonies were light in tone plus light background, the fluffy blousy type! A light touch is needed with the paintbrush to convey the soft petals. Someone said to me you should hold it so delicately to describe this sort of thing that you would almost drop the brush!

Cottage Peonies 10x10"

The Daisies are a lot stronger with lights and darks and deliberate brush strokes. I placed the blue-green behind which compliments the yellow-orange centres. The daisy petals in the shadow are an important element to make the lights stand out.

Surrey Open Studios we are on the final weekend 15th, 16th June of being open to the public, with over 100 visitors so far and enjoying it. Had some lovely people visit - one lady came all the way from Hamble a good hour away! Having read this blog - thank you Brenda and it was great to meet you! - It is so nice to meet people who have been following my blog journey and it encourages me to keep going with it :-)
See my exhibitions page on this website for more information if you are free this weekend and fancy a chat a look at paintings and my husbands photographs.

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