Friday 12 August 2016

#106 'Skardsvik Beach, Iceland' 8x10"

First Full day in Iceland, we are on the Western Peninsular. The Weather forecast was cloud all day but the sun came out on this beautiful beach called 'Skardsvik'. The colours were like the Caribbean, I absolutely loved panting it!
The cliff and rocks are unusual because they are all made of lava from an ancient eruption. They were very dark in colour and almost black in the shadow areas. I used Raw Umber and Ultramarine Blue to make this colour (no white). I had to be brave in making it dark enough to contrast with the gorgeous sea greens. The sand (there is some speckled on the painting!) is also different because most of the beaches in Iceland are black, the shells on this beach make it the traditional yellow.
There were lots of tourists some paddling in the very cold North Atlantic Ocean and others watching me paint! Husband Nick enjoyed photographing waterfalls and lava fields. I'm chuffed to have completed my first oil painting abroad :-)


  1. Lovely to see your painting from your Iceland Trip. The water looks exactly as you say, the Caribbean, wonderful. I look forward to 'living your trip' via your paintings. :-)

  2. Very dramatic scene captured beautifully :-)