Sunday 21 August 2016

#115 'Sunrise Vik, Iceland' 8x8"

I was back in front of the church looking down on the rocks at 5am for sunrise, which happened a lot faster than sunset the night before. I didn't have time to paint the rocks in first. Instead I quickly mapped in the shapes and got to work on the sky. The colours were so fleeting but it helped having painted this subject numerous times before I had 'learnt' it in my mind, so I was able to paint it quickly.
This was on Friday and my last painting in Vik. I was sad to say goodbye as it had been such an inspiring place. We then drove all day to our next stop along the coast to quite a different landscape...

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  1. Ohhhhh this is one of the my favourites! The day is awakening and all is calm, even the waves. Love it. Wow Iceland is an amazing subject thus far, so pleased for you and Nick.