Wednesday 24 August 2016

#118 'Icebergs, Jokulsarlon Iceland 3' 8x8"

Due to the tides and flow of water the icebergs shift a lot each day some of them end up out of the lagoon and into the sea, so when we returned the next morning (Monday) it looked completely different and I found it harder to find one I liked so I painted a collection. More challenging as I wanted to make them clearly an icebergs and not an abstract of blues. I worked especially on the tonal contrast making sure I had a good range. 
Choosing big bergs I thought I'd be safer in their movement but the front light ones shifted and a different shape was formed.
The cloud level was quite low and the peaks of the Glacier mountain were obscured again another challenge to depict this. Also the weather had come in and the wind was really wipping around me I had to hold my pochade so it wouldnt fly into the water and hold my arm staedy to paint the fiddly bits as it was being blown around so much!
This was our last full day in Iceland and the boards I could paint on were very limited, I only had square left, amazing I had got through so many! (I have the last painting to post tomorrow.)
To finish this painting I put some seagulls in, they were circling around he 2 large bergs in the centre. I used the pointy edge of a short flat brush to do it, can you spot the birds they are tiny! I wanted to show the huge scale of the place.

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  1. Really love these- they combine so many things I love about Iceland, the juxtaposed soft and hardness of the landscapes and the speed with which everything changes. They also remind me of the Icelandic landscape trend of the 1930s, just before abstraction really took off here, which is a period I really love.
    Thank you for sharing!