Wednesday 17 August 2016

#108 'Reynisdranger Sea Stacks', Iceland' 20x30cm

I did two paintings yesterday, this was the first on such a dramatic beach at Vik, with black sands and sea stacks jutting out of the water, the seas were huge with crashing waves. Such an inspiring place to paint :-)
Vik is on the south coast of Iceland exposed to the Atlantic weather although we were lucky it didn't rain and the sun actually came out!
I was fairly close to the stacks (rocks) along with many tourists interested in the Puffins and me, lol!
I wanted a contrast of thin translucent paint and thicker opaque and being careful not to cover all the thin first layer. With the black sands the colours all harmonised and so I used a limited palette which added to the drama.
If Monet were alive and here I'm sure he'd love to paint in Vik as I do! His Etretat paintings remind of this area in Iceland.


  1. please see no 109 for comment:-)

  2. It's a mix of light and dark.... The dark sand and then the white horse's. I can hear the waves crashing... Simply superb.