Saturday 20 August 2016

#112 'Dyrholaey, Iceland' 20x30cm

Thursday I completed 3 oil paintings in one day! That's my record so far:-) I will post them all today....
I decided to make the very long trek on the rock stacks beach to the other end to get a different view, see pic below.
It was early around 8am when I started painting. Just as I was about to begin a rainbow appeared nearly over my head. I could see the rain coming and battened down the hatches until it passed. - Had to show you this as it looks like the rainbow's coming out of my pochade!

My light coloured board was attracting midges and once the paint was on their they were all sticking to it, not easy to paint around! 
Iceland has huge spaces, its a big country and this view was still a long way away, although it showed off the sky well, and after the rain the clouds were interesting and I enjoyed painting them. My board was a different type again and you can see the weave of texture it has created. The light house gives this one scale, so tiny!
Husband Nick took this of me doing the long walk down the deserted beach!


  1. This view of you walking along the beach gives us such a good idea of the vastness and lack of human habitation of Iceland and the photograph of the rainbow, unbelievable. The pochard company should pay you for that one!!
    .....and as to the painting of Dyrholaey.....wonderful :-)

  2. The wispy clouds with the blue poking through lights up the painting and I smile whilst looking at it?! The rainbow from your pochade is very special. The vastness of the beach and you is great to see the size and emptiness.