Wednesday 10 August 2016

Flying with oil paints!

I have been busy gathering equipment for flying to Iceland tomorrow, we are there 12 days and will travel to three areas in a hire car.  Nick, my husband who is a semi pro photographer, its his dream place to go to, so I’m taking my paints as well, I’m sure its going to be rugged and stunning. We paid a good price for an extra case so I'm filing it nicely with all my gear! 
I haven't travelled abroad with oil paints before and have done lots of research for what’s allowed on the plane and how to pack it. You have to have a Safety Data sheet to tell people the paint is non flammable and safe. I have 5 sheets so far for all the different paint manufactures. I’m also trying ‘Zest it’ as its non-flamible, lets hope it all works!
The photo is of some of the equipment I’m taking! There are also bags, tripod and my main pochade easel...
I was sticking match sticks onto my boards last night can you see them on the backs? This is to transport the wet paintings. You put two boards with masking tape together and the matchstick gap allows the painting inside to be safe. (A great idea by the painter Ken Howard.) 
I have 7 sizes of boards! As I am unsure what I'll want to work on there, I have lots of choice! I’ve manage to get all the boards into my carry on the rest is in the spare case. 
I brought a mini pochade (see pic) by Guerrilla, it fits 5x7” boards, incase we do some hiking and I want to do a quick oil sketch.
I will be aiming to blog the paintings I do during the trip although I don't know how Icelandic internet will be and using Nicks laptop! 

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  1. Good luck Clare, have a great trip! I'm interested to see what you think of the Guerilla pochade.