Thursday 18 August 2016

#110 'Vik Beach, Iceland' 8x10"

I did two more paintings yesterday from the Vik village side, where you see more of the rocks I thought they looked a bit like teeth!  I tried a more textured surface board and after a smooth board it felt strange and I didn't have enough paint on my brush a few times as it grips more. Not much sunlight and therefore little contrast between light and shade. Although the froth of the waves coming onto the black sandy beach was very strongly contrasted.


  1. please see No: 111 for comment

  2. Looking again at this painting - a closer view of the rocks than 111. Here the emphasis is the sea not the sky! as in 111. You have managed to capture the boiling sea amazingly well and again the figures give scale. Actually, all six of the Icelandic paintings are wonderful.

  3. The scale is again brilliant. What I love about this one is how you've captured the sea up the beach, where the wave has left a film of water on the beach. So effective.