Thursday 18 August 2016

#111 'Evening Light Vik, Iceland' 5x10"

We drove around for a while trying to find a new view of the area. We went up the coast quite a few miles and found this deserted beach to paint on. It was nearly 7pm and I had a 20 minute weather window of sky and light, then the grey clouds came over. But doing a small painting I quickly got the sky in and the painting only took 50 minutes.
Painting on a beach that goes on for miles and miles with no one else on it has a good feeling to it.
Pat commented on one of my Vik paintings that it looks as though I'm enjoying doing these. I can't tell you how much! Absolutely sucking it up and making the most of our time here :-)


  1. These two paintings 110 and 111 have a 'softer' quality that the previous two.
    I suppose because the emphasis here is on the sky which in this particular one is stunning. Personally, prefer the application and closer view of these stacks of 109 and 108.

  2. Interesting seeing the difference using a more textured support makes. These two paintings have an almost wind whipped quality because of the brush work which also works. Amazing what you can accomplish in a short weather window. So glad you are enjoying your painting in Iceland.

  3. Do you think the time restraint helped you focus? You can't tell it was done in an hour. Do you think you painted differently because of it? Love the sky.