Monday 22 August 2016

#117 'Icebergs Jokulsarlon, Iceland 2' 9x12"

This was my second painting yesterday and my largest 'plein air' to date. Same Iceberg as the morning but different angle and lower down on the lagoon which allowed for a great reflection.
I started the same way with thin translucent paint and even let it run down the board a little, which adds to the watery feel.
I felt more confident in the subject although it did go through a long 'ugly duckling' stage and I nearly stopped half way. It not easy when you are constantly on view, people gathered around you and photographing! I also have to hold back with putting the light tone in, its better to get the dark foundations in and then put the lights, with the light colours it looks more finished.
It wasn't quite as bitterly cold as the morning and so the icebergs were slowly melting and 'carving' - pieces of them braking off, which can make thunderous sounds. It is such a magical place. I really enjoyed painting this one, and I'm pleased with the result.


  1. other-worldly beauty, extraordinary.......

  2. Clare, this whole Iceland series has been fantastic. You describe your experiences so well and I'm hanging on to every painterly word ! I can so picture the scenes and moments. What an amazing unique time to look back on. Your paintings have that sense of place which isn't easy to capture and convey but they have this fresh, cold, bracing, clear air feel to them. The colours of the sand, light and sea, and ice, are so unusual and different to our daily experience here, which must be so interesting and challenging to paint as you find your way. Inspiring stuff.

  3. Fantastic scene, fantastic painting, I like the way you have caught the reflections and ripples in the water, the colours are otherworldly, what a great way to remember your time in Iceland.