Saturday 15 October 2016

#133 'Lyme Regis Harbour' 9.5x12"

This was the final painting I did in Lyme. Absolutely loved painting the fishing boat, and emphasised it in the composition and the detail which I included. I spent 3 hours on site painting and was exhausted afterwards, a really complex subject but the sort of thing I want to paint more of. 75% finished it and then did the rest in the studio. I have included my palette below from the studio as it shows how many colour mixes I had to, not including my outside palette! 

There was a pile of fishing nets that I squeezed behind (see below) thinking I'd be out the way and in a quiet spot. It turned out the Harbour Master was doing some stuff and I was right in the way, but it meant I got talking with some of the fisherman who were really friendly and one said his relative owned the boat in my painting and that the boats name was rude and best not to have that as the painting title! I can't say what it is but I didn't paint it on :-)

I put a lot of extras in like the windsurf boards, people, flags as I thought it gives life to the scene, I'm really happy with the overall result.


  1. Great picture, love the reflections and overall composition. Interesting to see your colour mixes, particularly the amount of water colours used. Whisper the rude name next time we meet! Inspiring to see how you make sense of a complex picture.

  2. Stunning painting. I hope when this blog is viewed, viewers CLICK ON the paintings themselves to get a close-up showing the wonderful detail.
    'Halichoeres bivittatus' is the Latin name of the 'rude' name ......

  3. Lovely work, great colours, still feeling like summer!

  4. Lovely painting Clare, I love the bright surfboards in the background and the colourful buoys contrasting with the muted colours of the buildings. Looks like you had a great day!