Sunday 16 October 2016

#134 'Gladioli' 12x24"

Having made a detailed study drawing of gladioli in charcoal (posted Sept 28th)   I wanted to have a bash in paint. Couldn't get the same colour which was deep pink but these orange-red were still very vibrant and lovely to paint. I put in the dark tones first and then lifted the tones in stages to the lightest on the petals. Plus the vase, really looking to see how the water distorts the size of the stems. 
I had prepared the canvas with a coat of acrylic primer but it was still very toothy and rough so I used a fine sandpaper to smooth it down, which worked well. Working big was fun and different to my smaller pieces and will try more. Although it's not possible to do the painting in one day as it's too big, this one was at least two.


  1. I learn something just about every time you poat, Clare! Interesting to see you paint so big, and great tonal changes, so hard to get to read so well I'm sure.

  2. Gladioli are showy flowers and this is what you have achieved in your painting.
    Although the vase does not appear to be standing on anything, the way you have painted the background, (the dark, which I like very much, to light) they still feel grounded.

  3. It is the gladioli season and I love the way you have painted the look of the stems within the glass and the flamboyant red orange flowers. There is an airy feel surrounding the flowers which I also like. I think you had to go large for these flowers or it would have felt cramped. A lovely painting.

  4. I love this one! The colours really work, the background colour is a great colour - would be interested to hear how that one was mixed - I think it contrasts really well with the orange gladioli.