Sunday 23 October 2016

#136 Sunrise The Beck, Staithes 9.5x12"

Another windy morning but lucky with the rain and had some great fluffy clouds. I really enjoyed painting the sky, a real test of observation under limited time.
I had to strap my pochard to the railings as the wind would blow it over and difficult to do any detail as it buffeted my arm.
But I still enjoyed it! A' large' painting with lots going on, I used a connected palette of colour, linking my mixes so the painting is harmonised.
As I painted the sky the clouds and colours just kept improving. which is frustrating when you have committed to certain cloud formation and colours. I did add a light orange glow on the horizon but to have added anymore I would have needed to scrub it off and start again. It's getting the balance in changing to improve but not obliteration what you have. 
It feels as though these paintings are at the limit of my comfort, pushing with size, application of paint - making it thicker, challenging subjects, composition, and the elements! I hope it will help my skills in the long run :-)
You can see the same little fishing boats I painted in yesterdays sunrise painting.
I now have another two other paintings on the go which I have started here (both tricky!) I will complete them soon. I wanted to get them started here as there's so many areas I'm itching to paint, and we leave tomorrow morning for the Lake district.... 


  1. Hats off to you, my painting friend and inspiration! Tying your pochade to railings.... Respect! I painted out today in 12 degrees C and foot warmers and was proud. A great result and you will no doubt recall every discomfort detail every time you look at it! Well done, well worth it.

    1. Thank you Caroline :-) So happy to hear you've been painting too! Clare

  2. I like the way the composition leads the eye through the painting to the expanse of sky - you are good at skies! The scene does have that early morning quality.

  3. for the moment this is my favourite of your Staithes' painting this trip.:-)

  4. I love this one, it has a real "Northern" feel. I love the colours of the buildings on the right against the beautiful sky which you have captured really well once again and the splashes of colour on the boats in the distance. Also the pretty houses on the left. It looks like an interesting place but also looks a little bit cold!