Sunday 9 July 2017

#203 'Morning Light, The Trundle' 24x30cm

Painting this morning back at the Trundle I was here a few days ago but in the evening. I decided to take a risk and try a different technique to what I have been practising recently.

To cover the whole board in paint and then paint over the top to adjust the colours and tones. See below for the first stage of covering and then 15 mins later the following stage. The painting took 2 hours. 

Deciding what to adjust and what to leave as the first base paint. It helped to get it covered so you can compare the tones and colours to each other without the board tone interfering. It also allowed nme to get the trees and shadows in quickly in the foreground as they were changing fast in the morning sun. 
I'm really pleased with this one as I think it's more of the finish I am looking for - painterly and impressionist. 

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  1. This appears to be the 'final' painting of your previous two landscapes, numbers 200 and 201. This is truly a lovely result. A breakthrough indeed!