Monday 11 December 2017

#270 'Morning Frost, The Trundle' 8x14"

I'm a bit behind with posting as I have three to put on, two snow paintings and this frosty one.
Took artist friend Sarah Manolescue for the first time to the Trundle. It was a gorgeous morning and she was wowed! I moved so I could get the sparkle on the sea in the distance and trees and shadows in the foreground. 
It was difficult to see the sky as it was washed out with the bright low sun. I wiped it off and repainted it when I got back to the studio. The sky tone had to be darker than the sea but lighter than the distant land. Using yellow in the sky and violet in the hills, complementaries working together.
Making the middle distant hills a green-blue colour and light in tone made it look like frost. The cows were tricky I hadn't put them in and the farmer turned up in his truck beeping his horn they all came running, so cute to watch. Feed time. I was pleased they did disperse again so I could paint them in - small and dark.


  1. Wonderful example of a winter’s day without the snow! The dark cows seems to emphasise the delicate, washed-out colours of the scene. Great sense of perspective and lovely sky.

  2. Fact is the presence of the cows in the middle-distance has contributed enormously to the composition of the work. How great when one can call-up some cows to help things along....

    1. Thank you Michael, really pleased you like the cows and overall composition :-) Clare