Saturday 30 December 2017

#279 'Sunrise, Devils Punch Bowl' 10x10"

This was the last painting I managed before it poured with rain and the snow sadly melted. I have painted this scene before but from a photo during our joint exhibition in March this year, doing this I felt more familiar with the subject.

I chose a square format to help the composition and make a strong design. 
I simplified the shapes of the trees and bushes and used similar dark tones and colours. The distant trees closer to the sun (left side) are a warm red-violet colour as the sunlight is influences them.
When I arrived the area was in shadow and then the sun came up and the light hit the snow and the colours were amazing! Intense yellows and oranges, I painted the light quickly without any purple shadows looking for the light shape patterns. Squinting my eyes helped to see the light shapes.
The purple shadows in the snow were more intense closer to me and duller further away - so I mixed some complimentary yellow to dull the purple down.
I'm happy with how this painting turned out!

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