Wednesday 20 December 2017

#276 'Spire in the Mist" 10x12"

Gorgeous light when I arrived at the Trundle yesterday.  I liked the contrast of rich greens and strong shapes in the foreground to the soft pastels colours diffused by the mist on the horizon. You couldn't see the sea or Isle of wight and the land and sky merged as one.

I painted this scene before in August this year, it was mid summer where the colours and light were so different, see pic.
The bright contrasted day on the right to the hazy soft day on the left.

First time on a 10x12" board, nice size and feels a squarer format to the 8x10" I have been using.
I started on the horizon line and sky as it's what would change fastest and was important to the painting. Difficult to get the light quality, greyed out colour and very light in tone with the sky peachy and warm.
The Cathedral spire I added later, there was other stuff I could have added in the distance but this stood out as a good focal point (and landmark to those who know the area.)

The two people I also added at the end. I put them in and then tried to adjust them as I made them to big for the positioning. Back at the studio I wiped them and did them again with a few fresh marks best not to overwork figures as they look stiff. I spoke to the Mother and son when they came up the hill they were so chuffed to be in my painting :-)

The fence posts most were put down with a quick sweeping stroke same for the shadows too. Put too much effort on them and they look overworked and out of place.
I'm pleased with the end result!

Workshop News
For those who are fairly local to me I am starting to plan a Plein Air day workshop. It will be in this location (The Trundle, nr Goodwood) around May next year. Open to those who have had some experience of outside painting, limited to 8 places. Let me know if your interested and would like more information.


  1. Wonderful quality to this painting. Captured the strong foreground to the misty horizon beautifully.

  2. What a difference in the quality of light and colour. I think you have captured the misty wintry feel, with your choice of palette and brushstrokes. Maybe a Spring and Autumn version would complete the seasons.