Wednesday 27 January 2016

Daily Painting #20 'Iris Flowers' 10x8"

These flowers took me ages! So much so Matte, my dog asked for food and attention while I was taking the photo of the finished painting, see pic below. 
Tricky subject again, next time I'm doing a simpler one! I thought the Iris flowers looked a bit like butterflies. I struggled with the background colour, I chose a muted yellow and it looked horrid so I scraped off and put on off white, it's better but it looses some of the spontaneity. I haven't really painted a bunch of flowers before, lovely colours and I will do more...


  1. a very difficult subject. What I see is that each flower has been painted from a different aspect, no two are the same. The background is insignificant because each flower head is so striking, shapely and interesting.
    Why not paint Matte, his portrait, not from a photograph......

  2. Love the Irises but, if I am honest, Matt steals the show. How cute is he?